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Onlineshop Relation Management System - Prestashop

Migration to new Prestashop system and seo online marketing and business solutions

E-Commerce Webshop Prestashop is the most modern onlineshop, which you can get adapted to your needs. Prestashop is built up search engine friendly, so you do not lose points in your Google rankings. Only top 6 pages on Google can be really successful. Prestashop also scores with comfort, modularity and a very friendly user environment. As a beginner you will be able to take care of your webshop very quickly.

Prestashop will serve you fully:

  • Product Management
  • PDF Management
  • Customer Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Product Variants
  • Product Filter System
  • Checkout
  • Payments
  • Delivery
  • Legals
  • SEO Optimization
  • CMS System
  • Newsletter
  • E-Mail Service
  • Marketing Tools

Maximize your ecommerce success with PrestaShop

PrestaShop a popular and flexible platform

If you are looking to set up an online store, PrestaShop is a popular and flexible platform that you can use to build a professional and effective web presence. With its extensive range of modules and themes, as well as built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features, PrestaShop is the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, from B2B to B2C.

Payment systems to marketing tools

Getting started with PrestaShop is easy - just visit the website, download the software and then follow the simple installation process. After installation, you have access to a wide range of modules and themes that allow you to customize your webshop to your specific needs, from payment gateways to marketing tools.

PrestaShop's main advantages are its SEO optimization features

One of the main advantages of PrestaShop is its SEO optimization features. With built-in tools for on-page optimization, you can ensure your website is fully optimized for search engines and has all the necessary tags and metadata. This can help increase your visibility and attract more potential customers to your online store.

PrestaShop is also compatible with a variety of cloud services

PrestaShop is also compatible with a variety of cloud services, making it easy to integrate your online store into your existing infrastructure. With a streamlined and streamlined sales process and online shopping process, you can offer your customers a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience.

Lots of free themes and modules

In addition to its many benefits, PrestaShop is also very affordable with many free themes and modules available as well as affordable paid options. Plus, with the ability to easily run SEA advertising campaigns, you can maximize your visibility and reach even more customers.

E-Commerce shop - digitalize sales processes

Automate your sales processes with our professional e-business solutions

E Commerce is the agreement, handling and maintenance of exchange processes over the Internet.

We support companies to deliver compelling interactions across all digital channels. E Commerce includes the purchasing and distribution process, customer service and online banking. The most important area in E Commerce is still the electronic communication process between B2C and B2B.

"B2B" ("Business to Business") means collaboration, workflow between companies and supports purchasing and core processes. "B2C" ("Business to Consumer") deals with ordering and sales processes in sales with end customers.

You come as a business owner with your products to the customer's home. Your company can advise the customer online and make a purchase decision easy. Your customers can take advantage of their offers and services from the couch in familiar surroundings.

Download Prestashop

Prestashop 1.7, with about 22,210 files and 4,392 directories, is more extensive than Prestashop 1.6 with about 5,900 files and 1,162 folders. With one click it is possible to upgrade from Prestashop 1.6 to Prestashop 1.7. Before that, you should make sure that deviations from the standard, modules, invoices, and changes and adjustments will work as usual on the new Prestashop 1.7 release

What is new by upgrade from Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7?

  • Views, design and design of Prestashop has been redesigned in both the frontend and the back office
  • Bugs like rounding errors in the ProductController were fixed
  • With the update of PHP 7 there is always compatibility issues which has also been fixed
  • The file structure and file names of Prestashop have been changed
  • New architecture with Javascript Framework Symfony2
  • The themes folder with all templates has been restructured
  • The standard templates are housed in the Theme Classic
  • Simplified product management
  • Navigation Backoffice
  • User-friendly interface for modules
  • Backoffice Product level split into tasks
  • Payment API more flexible for country specific righte
  • Prestashop UI Kit for developers
Install Prestashop

Easy install Prestashop

Easy install Prestashop 1.7 with Prestashop Installer above

  1. Download Prestshop 1.7
  2. Unpack the ZIP file on your computer
  3. Move the unpacked files to your server
  4. Make sure that the files are accessible via web browser
  5. Open a browser and type in the path from the Prestashop installer file
  6. Follow the instructions of Prestashop
  7. With Prestashop Installer in 6 steps to your own online shop

Shopsystem Magento

Magento is a Zend Framework E Commerce onlineshop with many possibilities. Magento allows you to manage multiple domains at the same time.

Onlineshops - Prestashop Templates, Shopify Modules and Addons

Developing to your needs - onlineshops, Prestashop Templates, Modules and Addons

Prestashop scores with user friendliness. With the open-source market strategy of Prestashop the shop system continues to grow. The modular design and the SEO afinity of Prestashop are becoming increasingly popular. Currently, Prestashop has 300,000 users. More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of Prestashop and are changing. Also a advantage of Prestashop is the huge offer of templates and modules.

Prestashop Templates

You can choose Prestashop template from a huge count of offers in the Prestashop Marketplace.

Prestashop Demo
E Commerce Onlineshop

Software Solution Team - We develop backend and frontend of your onlineshop. You set up your onlineshop according to your needs in the frontend.

You will receive a complete onlineshop from our Software Solution Team. We briefly introduce you to the administration of E Commerce software. This enables you to offer your products online and to carry out editorial work on your own.

Prestashop and SEO optimization

With SEO on first page at Google

The search engine optimization is essential and is done on-page

The fact is that potential customers visit only the first five to six search results when seeking search queries. Internet marketing (product, analysis, advertising) refers to the digital presentation of your product. This includes the successful search engine optimization of your website. A creative, especially designed for your company, design of your website, regarding product and market characteristics, is realized by our Software Solution Team.

This includes keyword selection. A good placement of the website secured in the largest search engines in the world.

Through continuous search engine optimization, your website remains attractive to Google and Co.

Because your website is constantly competing with other sites, a persistent offpage optimization must be ensured in order to maintain and improve your search engine rankings and the placement of your website Search queries.

The off-page optimization includes among other things the link-building and SMO Social Media Optimization.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Profistart E-Business Professional Search Engine Optimization

The fact is that the mass of potential customers can only be achieved through effective search engine optimization. That is why optimizing and constantly upgrading through market analysis, on-page and off-page optimization is very important for your website.

SEA - Search Engine Advertising

Profistart E-Business Professional - SEA Search Engine internet Marketing

Search engine advertising is the switching of advertising to search engines like Google, which are billed per Click CPC cost-per-click. This includes text advertising, advertising and video advertising via Google Advertising. Profistart takes over the complete cycle from the professionally tailored design, circuit of ads to the Adwords monitoring monitoring.

SMM - Social Internet Marketing

What are the benefits of social internet marketing to standard internet marketing?

Probably it's not quite as it was in the film, but his vision has become reality for us all, just like Bill Gates with Microsoft. With Mark Zuckerberg the commercial social network has experienced a boom all over the world and thus the social internet marketing.

Experts keep the likes of the button up, but it's not that easy! In addition to the Like Button, some factors play a role. Personal social life plays a very important role here. Friends you know and familiar with, who like to recommend your products through the likes of me, find faster customers, since people think socially and emotions strongly influence a purchase decision.

With social internet marketing, you can react directly to the behavior, needs, wishes and hobbies of target groups. Through social internet marketing you skip important aspects in order to move the customer to the purchase, and if necessary, they can quickly become a spark that develops into a fire. Well-known companies have long since discovered social internet marketing for themselves.

Start now with profistart Software Solution! Social internet marketing professional on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

Professional Shops for your business

Our E-Business Group - make your website up-to-date!

With your Clever Shopping onlineshop you get user friendliness, professionalism, easy administration, overview, advice and service.

Without special knowledge you can set up your professional shop after our preparation. With drag and drop you can quickly and easily click an aesthetic website.

We provide you with an uncomplicated introduction to the operation of Frontend onlineshop processing. Of course, our team members are always at your disposal with advice and assistance with open questions.

Our product is unbeatable in its ease of operation. You can even upload content to your website using your mobile devices.

Shopify vs Prestashop

  • (+) all you have to do is buy a domain
  • (+) You can start immediately without any prior technical knowledge
  • (+) numerous add-ons in addition
  • (-) You are not in full control of the shop
  • (-) You pay monthly to use your shop
  • (-) The shop is on Shopify. Data move and other difficult
  • (-) only few free features available
  • (+) Open source - free of charge
  • (+) individually adaptable
  • (+) many free functions for customer management, shopping cart, design, product management, reports, invoices etc.
  • (+) The shop is yours. You have access to all data at all times
  • (+) You are in complete control
  • (+) no monthly costs
  • (+) thousands of additional modules and designs via the Prestashop marketplace
  • (-) You need previous knowledge to set up Prestashop

Webshop with Prestashop and Wordpress

Quickly professionally easy your onlineshop with profistart Software Solution

Do you want to finally get started with an onlineshop of your own professional website? You will get from us a modern highend webshop with specific modules and addons from Prestashop or also, if it should be very fast, with Wordpress.

Profistart E-Business Professional - Create simple and professional websites

With Wordpress, everyone can create their own professional homepage with simple knowledge of the word. Drag and drop can be used to quickly and easily link an aesthetic website.

You can easily expand your professional website as soon as you have finished and after video retraining.

Of course, you are always at your disposal with open questions. You can even upload content to your Wordpress website using your mobile phone.

Another advantage of Wordpress web pages is that it is preferred by Google and thus for search engine optimization a good basis for reaching more people.