Welcome to our click tracking tool. Our tool is designed to help you track clicks on your website, providing you with valuable insights into your users behavior and enabling you to make data-driven decisions about your website's design and content. Using our click tracker is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is adding javascript code on your website and save our php file on root directory of your website, and our tool will start tracking clicks in real-time.

You can view your click data in real-time, which provides you with a wealth of information about your users' behavior, including the url of clicks, the clicked element and the time and date of each click.

With our click tracking tool, you can gain valuable insights into your users behavior, including which pages and links are the most popular, which campaigns are driving the most clicks, and which design and content changes are having the biggest impact on user engagement.

Your user data is stored locally on your server where your website is hosted. Following look how it works!

Getting started with our lightweight click track tool

<script src="" defer></script> 

Add in <head></head> section the javascript link above like following example
<script src="" defer></script>

Download our click tracker web package by clicking following link: /api/clicktracker/

Unzip it into your root folder of your website where your index file is stored: for example in /home/www/yourwebsite

Thats all!

Now you can start tracking clicks on all your web pages where the javascript above added. The stored information in html file you can easily call like following:


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